The Therapeutic Apiary

This Week's Vegetables
Broccoli, Chard, Kale, Radishes, Leeks, Onions, and Carrots. [Note: Listing updated every Friday.]
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Sku/Code Product Name Price Action
TTA004 Elixir, Propoleos, Bee Wax, Royal Honey & Pollen 300g
/ unit
Instructions: This is our local Order Form for delivery of Gaiameter products in and around the city of Cuenca, Ecuador. We only sell our fruits and vegetables locally. Payment may be made by cash or major credit card -- (MasterCard, Visa, Amerex, or Discover). If you pay by credit card, note that the debit on your credit card statement will read: "Alpha Omega Labs / Herbologics, Ltd.," as this is our parent company. Orders are run through our ECartSoft account, which, as you'll see when you order, is listed as "Ecuador Passion Fruit / Herbologics, Ltd."
Billing is self-explanatory. For shipping, just put in your address, "Cuenca" as your city, and "00000" for zip. If you need more space to explain your location or you just want to leave comments, you'll find a place on the checkout page to leave "Comments."
Any questions can be directed to, or you can WhatsApp us at 099 159 4067. ~~~ Greg Caton, Founder.
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